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Withdrawing a document

By withdrawing a document, you will instantly cancel the signing process and the previously sent invitations to open the document will automatically expire.

Users with an Admin role can withdraw documents sent by other users.

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When to withdraw

You typically withdraw a document for major edits or if you no longer need/want it to be signed. Small changes, like updating email or phone numbers or authentication methods don't require withdrawal.

How to withdraw a document

  1. Open the E-archive from the main menu.

  2. Find the document.

  3. Either open it or mark the checkbox in the list.

  4. Click "Withdraw."

  5. Confirm.

  6. Done!

You further have the option to restart the process again whenever you want to. When doing so, you can either choose to send the same document including its previous settings or restart the process with new contents and settings.

Restart a signing process

To restart a signing process after it was either timed out, withdrawn or rejected:

  1. In the main menu to your left, open the E-archive > Documents.

  2. Find the document you wish to restart and click on it to open.

  3. Click Restart.

  4. Make desired changes to the setup.

  5. Click Start signing and send out the new invitations.

  6. Done!

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