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Transfer user account to someone else

Would you like to transfer your user account to someone else? This might apply for example when handing over a work position to a new colleague.

  1. Log in to eSign Online and navigate to Account > My info.

  2. Next to Email, click Change and add the email of the new owner.

    (If there is no option to change email, this action has been locked by your organisation. You will then need to reach out to our Support team and include a confirmation from the new user as well as from the Admin of your user group)

  3. An email will now automatically be sent to the old email adress to notify about the change.

  4. An email will also be automatically sent to the newly added email adress with a link to confirm the change. Click on the link and log in using the old password.

  5. The change has now been confirmed and the new user can log in with the new email and old password. We recommend the new user to log in and change their password to a new one under Account > My info > Password.

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