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Working with shareable links

Shareable links makes it possible start a signing process without necessarily knowing who the signing party will be. This further opens up the possibility of sharing your signing workflow publicly by for instance integrating the shareable link on your website.

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Prepare shareable link: first party

  • Log in to eSign Online and start a New process (or start from a template)

  • On the Parties tab, begin by opening the first party (yours) and add preferred settings. For instance, change your Role to Viewer unless you wish to sign each document generated from the link as well.

  • Set Invitation to Link only.

  • Lastly, if you do not wish to get a confirmation for each signed document, set Confirmation to None.

Prepare shareable link: second party

  1. Open the settings for the second party and begin by changing Invitation to Link only. By doing this, any other specific party details are no longer required. Set up the rest of the party settings according to your needs.

Prepare for shareable link: document and fields

  1. Continue to the Document tab and upload your PDF which you would like to be signed through the shareable link.

    To collect information from the signing party, add fields to the document and make sure that Party is set to Party 2.

  1. Once you are finished setting up the document (including the optional settings on the Settings tab), save it as a template.

Prepare for shareable link: access the link

  1. Navigate to your E-archive and Templates. Find the template you previously prepared in the list and click on the eye icon in the Link column to the right.

  1. In the Shareable link for template modal, copy the provided link.

  1. As a final step, add the shareable link to where you would like it to be accessed by the signatories.

Every time someone clicks on the link, a new process will be started based on the template. All signed documents will automatically be stored in your E-archive. There is no limit to how many times the same link can be used.

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