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Working with shareable links

Shareable links enable you to start a signing process without knowing the identity of the signing party in advance. This flexibility allows you to share your signing workflow publicly, for example, by integrating the shareable link into your website.

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Prepare shareable link: party #1

  1. Log in to eSign Online and initiate a new signing process (or start from a saved template).

  2. Navigate to the 'Parties' tab, select the first party (yourself), and adjust the settings as preferred. For example, change your Role to 'Viewer' if you do not intend to sign each document generated from the link.

  3. Set the Invitation method to 'Link only'.

  4. If you prefer not to receive a confirmation for each document signed, set the Confirmation option to 'None'.

Prepare shareable link: party #2

  1. Open the settings for the second party.

  2. Change the Invitation method to 'Link only'. This adjustment removes the need for any specific party details.

  3. Configure the remaining settings for this party according to your needs.

Prepare shareable link: document and fields

  1. Proceed to the 'Document' tab and upload the PDF that you want to be signed via the shareable link.

  2. To gather information from the signing party, add fields to the document and ensure that 'Party' is set to Party 2 for the field.

  3. After configuring the document and adjusting any optional settings such as delivery settings, attachments or signing page settings on the 'Settings' tab, save your setup as a template.

Prepare shareable link: accessing and using the link

  1. Go to your E-archive and Templates. Locate the template you previously prepared and click on the eye icon in the Link column to the right.

  2. A modal will appear where you can copy the provided shareable link.

  3. As a final step, embed the shareable link wherever you would like it to be accessed by your signatories.

Each time the link is clicked, a new process will begin based on your template, and all signed documents will automatically be stored in your E-archive.