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Delivery settings

When setting up a document for signing, you have the option of customising a number of settings which will apply to all invited parties.

Delivery settings can be found under the Settings tab.

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Adding a signing due date

In this section, you can specify the final date by which the document must be signed. You have two options: either set a specific date or define a number of days from the beginning of the signing process.

If the document remains unsigned beyond this due date, the process will be automatically cancelled and the invitation to sign will expire.

After starting the signing, you have the option to prolong the due date through the E-archive if necessary - regardless if the due date has passed or not.

Set an automatic reminder

Stay on top of any pending signatures by setting a scheduled reminder. You have the option to set a specific date or define the number of days from the start of the signing process.

By setting up automatic reminders, any parties yet to sign or approve the document by the specified date will receive a friendly nudge via email or SMS (based on their chosen invitation method). This ensures a smoother signing process and keeps everyone on track.

Customise recipient's language

Personalise the invitation, confirmation, reminder, and signing pages for the parties by selecting their preferred language.

If you leave this setting unchanged, the document will be sent in the same language as your user account's default.

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