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Customising your Scrive account structure

With Scrive, you have the option to set up a customised account structure for your organisation. This ensures that each colleague has the access they need while maintaining a high level of data segregation.

User roles
Every Scrive user is assigned a user role, which defines their individual access rights. To learn more about the different user roles, click here.

User groups
If you are on an Enterprise price plan (please contact our Sales team if you have any questions or wish to upgrade), you can have a custom account structure with multiple user groups set up. User groups allow you to organise users and their access into different categories, separating their document archives. This is particularly useful if different teams within your organisation, e.g. Sales and Legal, are using Scrive and you wish to separate their workflows and access to documents.

We recommend having at least one Admin user in each user group. The Admin can manage all users within the group, view both summarised and individual statistics, access all documents and oversee processes.

If needed, Scrive can assist you in setting up something called a "folder structure" which allows one user group to be granted access to view documents and use shared templates from another group. Essentially, sharing their document folders.

Super user
You also have the possibility of establishing a "super user" for your account structure. This user is positioned at the top of your access hierarchy and can manage all user groups across the entire account. This user can move users between groups and is essentially the main technical manager of your account.