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Work with templates

Templates can help you to work more efficiently by reducing manual steps like uploading files, placing fields and adjusting signing settings. You can save as many or as little changes in a template as you want.

For instance, you can set up a template which only includes a document and signing settings, but with no set parties yet. Or, you can set up a template with all parties set up but without a document.

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Create a new template

To create a new template, simply press NEW TEMPLATE under Templates in your E-archive.

The design view will open and you can now set up your template according to your needs. When you feel happy with your settings, click SAVE TEMPLATE.

All of your saved templates are stored in your E-archive and can also be accessed when you click New process.

Share a template

Select a template from the Templates list and then click SHARE to make it available to your colleagues. Other users in your user group will now be able to use the same template. However, you are the only one who can edit or delete it.

To stop sharing a template with others, simply re-do the same steps and press UNSHARE

Delete a template

Select a template and click DELETE to remove it.

The template will, by default, first be moved to Trash, then permanently removed after 30 days.

Set a default template

Select a template and then click SET DEFAULT TEMPLATE to set it as your default template. This means that this template will open automatically each time you start a new process. You can only have one default template at a time.

Repeat the same steps to undo the setting.

Edit a template

To edit a template that you have previously created, either click on the template or the editing symbol to the right. Once you are done with you edits, make sure to save your changes.

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