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Invitation/confirmation message

When setting up a signing process, you have the option of adding a message to the parties for when they open their email invitation or confirmation.

To include an invitation/confirmation message, navigate to Messages under the Settings tab.

  • Invitation message: this message will be included in the email invitation sent to the parties taking part in the document process.

  • Confirmation message: this message will be included when a confirmation email is sent to the parties once the process is complete and the document is sealed.

To preview what your message will look like, click on the invitation/confirmation message preview to the right.

Custom invitation/confirmation SMS

If you do not wish for a standardised message to be sent out when sending an invitation or confirmation through SMS, you can activate the possibility of sending messages including a custom text. To activate this feature, reach out to your contact at Scrive or

To add a custom text, navigate to the Settings tab and scroll down to Messages when setting up your document for signing. Make sure that you have changed the invitation/confirmation method to SMS.

If you have activated custom SMS for your account, note that if you do not add any text for the messages while setting up the document, no text will be included in the SMS being sent, only the link to open the document.

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