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Get started with the eSign API

With eSign API you can create, manage and send documents for signing directly through an external application, making it possible to tailor eSign to your own service and the way your organisation works by integrating it into your own systems.


  • In order to use the eSign API, you need to have a paid license. Reach out to our Sales team to get started if you are a new customer or reach out to your Scrive contact if you are already a customer looking to upgrade your subscription.

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Tools and API documentation

eSign API documentation
Technical documentation for eSign API

eSign testbed environment
The Scrive eSign test environment is needed while developing your integration. If you don't have access already, sign up for a free account through the login page.

Tool for testing the eSign API directly in your browser. This tool allows you to send requests using your own account and inspect the results.

Getting started with the eSign API

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