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Get started with offboarding

Looking to store signed documents outside of eSign Online? This guide will tell you how to automatically offboard sealed documents to any of the offered cloud storage services listed below.

How it works
Once a document has been signed and sealed, it will automatically be archived to a folder located at the root of your selected offboarding service environment within a matter of minutes.


  • In order to offboard documents including attachments, you need to use the “Merge with main file” option when setting up the document.

  • Documents stored in your E-archive prior to activating the offboarding flow will not be automatically archived in the cloud storage service.

  • After activating an offboarding flow, your signed documents will continue to be archived in your Scrive E-archive as well, in addition to your selected third-party storage service.

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Cloud storage services available through Scrive

Scrive offers offboarding through the following services, choose one of the options to learn more on how to proceed: