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Finding the Evidence package in eSign Online

The evidence package is attached to each document signed through Scrive* and provides a detailed record of when and how the signing occurred. This evidence package can be used to prove the legal validity of a signed document. All documents signed using Scrive can be checked for integrity, i.e. that the document has not been altered.

*Documents signed with QES (Qualified Electronic Signature) or PAdES do not automatically include the evidence package in the signed PDF.

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View the Evidence log in eSign Online

  1. Navigate to the E-archive and your list of documents through the main menu.

  2. Click on the document title you want to view the Evidence log for.

  3. Click on the Evidence log tab. (Appendix 3 contains the Evidence log with events.)

  4. Done! You will now be able to click to see all various evidence attachments.