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Bulk send explained

Bulk send makes it possible to send the same document for signing to multiple recipients individually. Each party will be invited to sign a separate copy of the document, similar to mass mailing.

To set up a new send out, click + ADD BULK SEND at the bottom of the Parties tab when setting up a document for signing.

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Prepare your recipient list

All added parties for the Bulk send out will receive the same document with the same settings. For optimal performance, we recommended you to limit your recipient list to around 500 people.

You can choose to fill out the details for all recipients right away through the Bulk send modal or upload a prepared CSV file. To make the preparations for your send out easier, you can also choose to download a CSV template which will already contain the correct format.

Make sure that the CSV includes the following seven mandatory columns. The columns must be in the following order (exact spelling not required):

  1. First name

  2. Last name

  3. Email

  4. Mobile

  5. Company

  6. ID number

  7. Company reg. no.

You do not have to fill out all columns and they can be left empty. However, it is required to add either email or mobile number depending on which invitation method you are using. Make sure that you include country code (for example +46) for mobile number.

You can further add more columns with information if you want to, just make sure that these are added after the seven mandatory ones mentioned above. All columns in the spreadsheet will become available as text fields which can be added visually to the document.

When you're ready, upload and/ or save your recipient list.

If you need to go back and edit any information, click on Recipient list under the Bulk send party.  

You can now continue the setup as usual, perhaps add fields to the document and set delivery settings or signing page settings.

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