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Branding customisation

Branding makes it possible for you to customise the eSign experience for both your Scrive users as well as customers with your own colours, logo, and messaging.

To customise the branding for your account, navigate to Account > Branding in the main menu to your left. When you are happy with your settings, click Save.

Four areas can be customised:

  • Email: Branding for the invitation and confirmation emails sent to parties in your document processes.

  • Signing page: Branding for the page where parties are invited to sign a document.

  • Service: Customise the design for what it looks like when you are working in eSign Online.

  • Browser title & Favicon: Edit the text and little picture displayed in the browser tab for both invited parties that open a document as well as your company users.

There are two branding packages available at Scrive: Branding and Extended Branding. The standard Branding package (which is described above) is included in the Business and Enterprise price plans. Extended branding is an add-on cost and further includes customisation of the user login page and URL as well as the sender's name displayed in email/ SMS invitations.

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