SSO setup

SSO stands for Single Sign-On and is a time-saving log-in method which makes it possible for users to log in to multiple services using one single ID and password.

To get started with SSO for your organisation, reach out to your contact at Scrive or

SSO login is available for the following Scrive products:

  • eSign Online (IdP- and SP-initiated SSO)

  • The Office 365 plug-ins (SP-initiated SSO)

  • Google Docs plugin (SP-initiated SSO)

  • Browser connectors for eSign GO (SP-initiated SSO)

  • The standard integrations using Oauth (SP-initiated SSO)

The SSO setup will work for all systems supporting SAML 2.0.

Existing users

Your pre-existing users will need to be specifically configured to be able to use SSO by Scrive staff. This is due to how the SSO configuration only applies to users that have not logged in to Scrive with regular usernames and passwords before. This further means that these users will continue to log in with their usual email and password until the configuration has been completed.

Directory system

Choose a directory system below for further SSO setup instructions. Note that this information is rather tech-heavy, do not hesitate to ask for further help with this.