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One of the easiest ways to gain additional assurance about the identity of someone online is to send a code to their mobile phone. The person will need to enter the PIN code in order to complete an action that requires additional security, such as logging into a service, resetting a password or opening a protected document. This code is sometimes referred to as a One Time Password (OTP) as in most cases it can only be used once and has a limited duration of validity.

Scrive can send PIN by SMS codes to mobile phones in over 80 countries. For some countries, restrictions may apply which typically requires a pre-registration process to enable the service in a given country.

Resend SMS or change mobile number

When using PIN by SMS as an authentication method for signing, users have the option to resend the SMS PIN code to their mobile number. After 60 seconds, they will have the option to resend the SMS again.

In addition, users can edit the submitted mobile number if needed.

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