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What to do when a page goes blank

There are several reasons which could cause a page to go blank, see common reasons and solutions below:

  • Network issues: a network error can cause temporary glitches or affect content delivery in general. Make sure that you are using a stable network connection and reload the page. You can also try a hard refresh (Mac: hold down Command, Shift and R / Windows: hold down Ctrl and F5).

  • Browser or device issues: your browser may have cached an old copy of the page. Test to clear the browser's cache and see if an updated version of the site will appear. Further make sure that your are using a browser which is supported by Scrive. Another workaround would be to make a new try using a different browser or device to rule out any local issues.

  • Server issues: you can check the Scrive status page if all systems are operational or not. This page is continuously updated and you can choose to subscribe to the page if you want to receive notifications.

  • Allow JavaScript: eSign Online is not accessible if JavaScript has been disabled. Check if JavaScript is enabled in your browser settings.

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