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Offboard documents to Box

Scrive offers automatic archiving of your sealed documents through Box. To get started, reach out to your contact at Scrive or

How it works
As soon as all parties have completed their required actions and the document has been signed and sealed, it is automatically offboarded to a folder called "Scrive-Signed" located at the root of your Box environment.

Connect Box for offboarding

  1. Log in to eSign Online.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Offboarding.

  3. Under Box, click Connect.

  4. Grant the privileges through Scrive.

  5. Log in using your Box credentials.

  6. Grant access to Box.

  7. Done! The status for the offboarding connection will now be set to Status: OK in Scrive.

Note that it can take up to 24 hours for the connection between Scrive and Box to be completed. Once connected, all of your sealed documents will automatically be archived within a few minutes in the "Scrive - Signed" folder in your Box account. Documents sealed prior to the Box offboarding connection will not be automatically archived.

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