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Is Scrive a Trust Service Provider?

Scrive is a Trust Service Provider under eIDAS providing the creation, verification, and validation of electronic signatures.

The European Commission maintains a "Trusted List" on its website, which features qualified Trust Service Providers across the EU. This list, however, does not include all Trust Service Providers within the EU as the European Commission does not have a complete registry for all Trust Service Providers in the EU. The European Commission Trust List is an incomplete project, pending full implementation by Member States and currently only includes some (not all) Trust Service Providers.

Scrive is a Swedish company and Sweden does not provide a list of all its Trust Service Providers. Furthermore, eIDAS does not impose a strict obligation on Member States supervisory authorities to keep a full registry of all Trust Service Providers, and thus the national lists submitted to the European Commission are not consistent.

Some countries have a full list including all Trust Service Providers, some only have a list of Qualified Trust Service Providers and some do not have a list at all, and some keep a random list.

It is important to emphasise that using a qualified Trust Service Provider is not obligatory under eIDAS. Indeed, according to Article 4 of the eIDAS “there shall be no restriction on the provision of trust services in the territory of any Member State and products and trust services that comply with eIDAS shall be permitted to circulate freely in the internal market."