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ID Check enables you to efficiently verify the identification of others online and conveniently maintain a log of your ongoing and previous checks. No development work is required, so you can get started right away.

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Start a new ID check

To initiate a new identity verification, navigate to ID Check in the main menu to your left. Clicking on it will take you to the ID Check page, where you can begin setting up your verification process.

You can verify a person by entering their personal security number (SSN) or allow them to identify themselves using their eID, even if you don't know their SSN.

Send invitation to verify identity

To invite someone to verify their identity:

  1. Fill out the fields on the ID Check page.

    • If you have the person's social security number (SSN), enter it in the "Personal number'" field.

    • If you don't have their SSN, leave the field empty.

  2. Select a method for sending the invitation, choose between email, SMS or both.

  3. Add the related contact information.

  4. When all required fields are filled, the Check button will turn bright blue. Click on it to send the invitation and start the verification.

Waiting for the ID check

While waiting for the ID check to either be confirmed or unsuccessful, you'll see a waiting page displaying the previously added information.

To access the verification link, click the copy icon. You can use it to open the verification page on your own device or share it on your own terms.

ID Check successful

If the person successfully verifies their identity, the information box turns green, and you'll see the confirmation text "ID check complete". Inside the box, you'll find the verified information under "Authentication response".

You have now successfully completed an ID check! To start a new one, simply click New check in the bottom right.

ID check unsuccessful

If the ID check is unsuccessful, the information box turns red, and you'll see "ID check unsuccessful" displayed.

Double-check the information for accuracy and decide if you'd like to make another attempt. To do so, click Check again in the bottom right to restart the verification. You'll have the option to use the same information or make edits if necessary.

ID check history log

Your complete history of initiated and past ID checks is conveniently stored in a dedicated log. Access this log by navigating to ID Check and History in your main menu to the left.

The list provides you with an overview of the current status of each process. For a more in-depth view, click on a verification title to open more detailed information.

To efficiently organise your processes, make use of the Status filter to categorise the list based on confirmed, waiting, withdrawn, or unsuccessful checks.

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