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Are you new to eSign Online? You're in the right place. This guide will help you to get started. Before we begin, ensure you've successfully created an account and logged in.

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eSign Online overview

Upon logging into eSign Online, you will be greeted by the 'Home' page, which provides an overview of your most recently signed documents and features a shortcut start-button for initiating a new signing process.

On the left-hand side, you'll find the main menu, which gives you access to all your available pages and tools. Feel free to navigate and explore the different pages at your convenience.

Finding help and other resources

The Help center is always here for you whenever you need it. To make it even more accessible, we've included several shortcuts within eSign Online. Each main page features a 'Need help?' button, usually located at the very top. By clicking this button, you'll find relevant links and guides to assist you with the page you're currently on.

Additionally, you can access the Resource center through the main menu. Click to open it, and you'll find links to helpful resources, such as onboarding video guides, the latest product updates, a feedback form to share your experience, a link to the operational status of our services and a live chat to connect with one of our technical support agents if you need further assistance.

Learn more and get started

Now that you know how to navigate and where to find help if you need it, we believe you're ready to start exploring and trying out some of the tools.

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