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I can't sign a document

Are you experiencing troubles when trying to sign a document through Scrive? No worries, here are some tips to help you out!

  1. Begin by making a new try and restart the signing by closing down all open windows and reopen the invitation to sign through the invitation link you have received.

  2. Try to sign the document through a different browser (such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox) as well as on a different device (computer, mobile, iPad) to rule out any local issues.

  3. Lastly, try again while using another internet connection. Firewalls implemented in some networks might block our signing services.

  4. If you still experience troubles when trying to sign the document, make sure to reach out to the sending party of the document for further assistance. The initiating party is typically named in the invitation you received to sign the document. Note that Scrive is only the service being used, while it is the company who sent you the invitation who is the one who can help you complete the signing process.

    A possible solution on their side could be to resend the invitation as well as use a different email/phone number or change the invitation method entirely.

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