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Import Upsales data into Scrive contract templates

To automatically populate your Scrive documents with CRM data, you will need to create a template in eSign Online and add a custom field for each type of Upsales data you want to import.

Creating the template

In eSign Online, click on New process or Create new template. Navigate to the Document tab and set up the field mapping as follows.

  1. Add a Text field to your document.

  2. In the field settings, set Party to be the sender of the document.

  3. From the menu of field types, select New field.

  4. Enter the new field name using one of the Upsales fields from this list (you must use the exact spelling, capitalisation and syntax).

  5. Save your template.

Using the template

Once you have a template ready, make sure that you are connected to your Scrive eSign account in Upsales. 

When connected, you can create a new process either from an Opportunity by clicking on Send E-sign or via the E-Sign tab and clicking New E-sign. After you have followed the steps and selected the Scrive 2.0 app, you can specify the recipients, the related opportunity and if the sender should sign the document as well. 

After you have clicked on Create E-sign, choose Select from template and select a template you have previously created. You can now move forward with selecting which parties from Upsales should populate the template before clicking on Next.

The document should now include the imported Upsales data as well as be ready for send out.

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