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Importing Upsales CRM data into Scrive contract templates

To automatically populate your Scrive documents with CRM data from Upsales, you will need to first create a template in eSign Online and add a custom field for each type of Upsales data you would like to import.

Creating the template:

  1. In eSign Online, click on "New process" or "Create new template."

  2. Navigate to the "Document" tab and set up the field mapping:

    • Add a text field to your document.

    • In the field settings, set "Party" as the sender.

    • Create a new field using an Upsales field name from the provided list (exact spelling, capitalisation and syntax required).

    • Save your template.

Using the Template:

  1. Ensure you are connected to your Scrive eSign account in Upsales.

  2. Create a new process from an Opportunity by clicking "Send E-sign" or via the E-Sign tab and clicking "New E-sign."

  3. Follow the steps, select the Scrive 2.0 app, specify recipients, related opportunity and whether the sender should sign the document or not.

  4. Ensure a Related opportunity is selected to retrieve data from the Upsales object.

  5. Click "Create E-sign," choose "Select from template," and pick a previously created template.

  6. Proceed to select parties from Upsales to populate the template before clicking "Next."

  7. The document now includes imported Upsales data and is ready for sending.