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eSign your first document through Upsales

  1. In Upsales, open an Opportunity (or a Contact or Company).

  2. Click on New e-sign or Send e-sign (depending on from where you initiate the signing process).

  3. Select the document to be signed: a Scrive template, Upsales document/CRM file, or upload a file from your computer (a PDF or docx).

  4. On the Parties tab, confirm or edit the settings for the ones who will participate in the signing process.

  5. On the Fields tab, you can set up custom field mapping between your Upsales record and the document template.

  6. On the Review and Send tab, confirm your workflow settings, and then click START SIGNING to launch the signing process and invite the parties to your document.

  7. Track and monitor the signing process from the eSign Online E-archive or from the entity where you initiated it in Upsales (Opportunity, Contact or Company).

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